Hey, there’s a celebrity in my yoga class

I know you’ve missed him. I haven’t been at my usual yoga and spinning studio for a few months. Blah, blah, broken pelvis, blah, blah. But I’m back and so is he.

For those of you who missed it, Rob Estes of Silk Stalkings and the new 90210 fame has been a semi-regular in my classes. And I can report that flexible doesn’t begin to cover it. I’m pretty sure he could wrap his legs around his head and groom his toenails with his teeth if he wanted. (Just took the sexy right out of that image, didn’t I? Sorry. All of my other analogies were a little blue, and this is a family blog.)

I’m also pleased to report that his hair is going a bit silver. I like that in a man. It’s distinguished.

Having semi-celebrities in your yoga class is so very L.A. Really perks up down dog.