I can’t believe I missed it! (More Celebrity Yoga)

My yoga teacher reads my blog, the blog where I talk about Rob Estes’s butt a lot. Turns out he’s not just her student and my eye candy but a friend of hers as well. And she thinks our little ongoing chats about him here are hil-ar-ious.

Then she sends me this note. I copy it for you in its entirety.

Thinking of you on Tuesday my YAS class at 11:15 am, it went Hollywood. Rob Estes was there. Dexter’s Erik King and Lauren Sanchez. Rosario Dawson was having fun as well. Blog away! Julie

Son of a…

I went running!

I am an idiot!

I could’ve blogged about that class for weeks. Weeks of writing fodder I missed. Now all I’ve got is that note and a story about the time Rosario Dawson ate a hamburger behind me at this restaurant called The Counter. See? It’s not even an interesting story. It’s not like Rosario Dawson sat down behind me at The Counter and took off all her clothes or Rosario Dawson sat down behind me and then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and The Octo Mom showed up and started making out. Nope. She sat down. She ordered. She’s just as pretty in real life. The end.