Grand Central and the Empire State Building
Grand Central and the Chrysler Building


  • Twice in my life I’ve found myself fleeing a burning building. In neither instance did I move as quickly as your average New Yorker walking down the street. I believe there is an excellent chance I’ll be trampled to death here.
  • Smiling at strangers on the street and saying hello for no particular reason is fun here. They don’t expect it. Throws them off their game. One guy walked into a wall.
  • Everyone calls me “ma’am.” I’m choosing to believe this is some sort of folksy New England tradition and not that I’ve suddenly aged 30 years.
  • I like clam chowder.
  • Landing at JFK looks a lot like landing in, say, Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Everyone in New York dresses up. Everyone in L.A. dresses down.

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