Be Subversive.

Be Subversive.

It is my favorite week of the year. Banned Books Week. I love banned books week. I love that it encourages people to read and that it encourages people to read exactly those things that Sarah Palin says they shouldn’t.

Don’t be confused. Ms. Palin didn’t actually read the books she wanted banned. (Come on. You didn’t actually think she read, did you?)

Annie on My Mind was the big one for me growing up, the one I read because they were pulling it out of libraries. I was a contrary kid and good thing, too. I loved it. Still do. It’s still on my book shelf, that one copy I hunted down those years ago.

And anything by Mark Twain is good, too.

So, tell me. What are your favorite banned books?

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  • Tony T

    29.09.2009 at 00:15

    Okay, I do tend to live in the dark and don’t ever read newspapers or watch the news… but I didn’t think America banned books. Now, following your links I see that it’s not really a banning, but pressure with no legal backing… but it still works. So, yay for Banned Book Week!