Wanted: Good Book

Wanted: Good Book

Thirty-something female reader, college-educated, loves baseball, fitted blazers, Eddie Izzard and any food containing cinnamon seeks new author for life-long love affair possibly leading to new release, hardback purchases. Horror need not apply.

I’m on the market for a new book. I want to fall in love, get swept away. And frankly, it’s not going well. I’ve thrown down two books in a row in disgust. I’m looking for something funny and warm that also makes me go, “Damn, that (fill in author here) can write!”

I want something that will make me feel good when I finish, make me want to pick it up again next year. So tell me, what’s your go-to, cozy up, snuggle book?

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  • Jim Harris

    25.01.2010 at 20:46

    Sixty, sorry, won’t do the love affair part. My go to book are differing passages of William Shakespeare with attempted memorization. At the moment I am working on his 29 sonnet. If quite frightened I go to Simone Weil’s writings. I quite like her notion of the abyss. It’s how God presents himself. You know God by his absence.
    Feel good and cozy, I go to transcript of William F Buckley’s 1980 conversations with the British journalist Malcolm Muggeridge on his program Firing Line. Very Uplifting.
    Hope this helps.