Books That Changed My World

That hash tag has taken over the Twitter world of book people – booksellers, writers, readers. Everybody is talking about the books that radically altered their view of the universe. These aren’t necessarily your favorite books; although, they might be. They are the books that changed something for you after which there was no going back. That seems to be worth talking about, and hey, I like lists.

So here goes (and I hope you join in):

1. Little House on the Prairie

2. Literary Outlaw: The Life and Times of William S. Burroughs (read in the 8th grade, which probably should have worried my parents)

3. Things Fall Apart

4. Midnight’s Children

5. Hummingbird’s Daughter

6. Murder on the Orient Express

7. Where the Sidewalk Ends

8. Annie on My Mind

9. The Great Man

10. Winter’s Bone

Only two of those books, Murder on the Orient Express and Winter’s Bone, could be called mysteries and Bone just barely. And only three of those did I read for the first time as an adult, which probably means something. Now, your turn. What’s on your list?