In Retrospect…

In Retrospect…

…I’m a little disturbed that’s the most indulgent thing I could think of. I mean, really, Ashley. No hookers and blow? Now THAT would be indulgent. Hookers, blow and Haagen-Dazs. That’s living. But no. I went hiking. HIKING. I am now seriously rethinking my priorities.

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  • Tony

    01.11.2010 at 15:04

    Hookers and blow might not be much of a day off. I’ve come to the conclusion that North Americans often handle their rare and precious “time off” by wearing themselves out even more trying to do the things they can’t while working! Your initial thought was probably the right one. But then you went and thought too much, outsmarting yourself, while your subconscious goes “Doh!” and does a facepalm.