I think I speak for all of us when I sum up this time of year thusly: “Aaaaahhhhh!” Like all the pressure and the crowds and the travel and the forced cheer isn’t enough? I have to listen to Christmas music by Wham!, too? Seriously?

Not enough good pinot noir in the world, I tell you. Just today I was forced to sing “Frosty the Snowman” against my will. I then proceeded to slam my hand in a door. Not on purpose, but it was clearly a subconscious reaction. And you know what? NOT AS PAINFUL AS THE FROSTY INCIDENT.

I don’t know about you, but I need something frivolous, something completely and totally unrelated to anything having anything to do with the holidays. On that note – and because I’m a writer, and I’m supposed to talk about books occasionally – I found a book meme that has nothing whatsoever to do with the baby Jesus or hairy, obese men who compulsive commit B&Es. You’re welcome.

I actively encourage participation. Feel free to add your answers in the comments section.

Okay, here goes:

Do you snack while you read? If so, what’s your favorite snack?
Nope, but if I did, I would want something that wouldn’t require me to take my hands off my book. Can you suck French fries through a tube? This is a question for science.

What is your favorite drink while reading?
Champagne. A girl has to live.

Do you mark in your books as you read?
No, because my mother taught me not to color in books. Also books are art. I don’t write on the pictures on my walls either.

How do you keep your place in a book?
Bookmarks in paper books. Otherwise my Kindle does it by magic.

Fiction, non-fiction or both?
Everything. There is almost nothing I won’t read. It’s a problem. I may need a program.

Do you have to read to the end of a chapter or can you stop anywhere?
I’ve been known to stop in the middle of a sentence – and pick up there later. That’s probably weird. (Don’t look at me like that.)

Do you throw the book across the room if the author irritates you?
No, but I will stop reading if the offense warrants it. This is personal growth. I used to finish everything no matter what. I once finished a book even though there had been a printing error and huge chunks were missing. That’s weird, too. I know.

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you look it up right away?
On my Kindle I do. It spoils me. I now get frustrated when paper books won’t let me click on things.

What are you currently reading?
1. Moby Dick (Yes, really. And yes, still.) 2. Summer of the Big Bachi by Naomi Hirahara 3. Auntie Mame 4. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin (Translators don’t get enough credit.)

What is the last book you bought?
The Underbelly by Gary Phillips

Do you read one book at a time?
Clearly not.

Do you have a favorite time or place to read?
Anywhere. Anytime. But the best is when you have a great book you’ve been waiting for and can devote a whole day to it. Heaven.

Do you prefer series books or stand alones?
I prefer good books – everything else is window dressing.

Is there a specific book your recommend over and over?
Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell

How do you organize your books?
By color. It looks cool. Books are art, too.