My visit to Metropolis gets media coverage

Used under Creative Commons license. Photo by guldfisken.

Who would have thunk the world at large would have been interested in my good-bye visit to Metropolis Books? The L.A. Observed blog ran a little story along with my photo. Love that they gave a little more coverage to the beloved store and the owner, Julie Swayze.

And by the way, when you stop in to Metropolis to see her and say “good-bye” before the end of the month, pick up some new and used books. They’re both 45% off right now.

(The extra coverage was totally awesome. Although they re-ran the photo without permission, ehm. Just ask to use photos, folks. I’ll probably say “yes.” We writers tend to have a thing about copyright. All photos here taken by me, belong to me. Photos taken by others that you see here are always used with permission, either written or via a Creative Commons license. ‘Cause all artists, including photographers, own their work, and we here at respect that. Peace out.)