A Week in Blessings

A Week in Blessings

Photo by Nick Sifuentes. Used with permission.

Because it’s too easy to forget the good stuff and remember the bad stuff, here’s my list of blessings this week.

Fresh peaches and a beautiful Sunday drive

A stranger who bought me a drink

Pictures of my friend Nick’s adorable puppy, Wyatt. (Have you ever seen anything that cute?)

A waterfront patio at happy hour full of passionate, smart social activists who make powerful, positive change and are more fun than a barrel of monkeys

Finally learning to put a badly written book down after 5 pages rather than 55

Your turn. What were your blessings this week?

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  • Janet Reid

    05.09.2011 at 16:52

    1. Getting my email under double digits for the first time in a LONG time (maybe even this year)

    2. Reading two books so good they both may end up on my year end Sox Knocker list: DOC by Mary Doria Russell and MARGARET MITCHELL’S GONE WITH THE WIND by Ellen Brown and John Wiley, Jr.

    3. Finding that something I thought I needed to do has already been done by someone else.

    4. Reading the collection of amazing entries on the latest writing contest on my blog. I’m in awe of the assembled talent!

    5. The picture of Wyatt of course! (It should be on everyone’s list!)