My visit to Metropolis gets media coverage

My visit to Metropolis gets media coverage


Used under Creative Commons license. Photo by guldfisken.

Who would have thunk the world at large would have been interested in my good-bye visit to Metropolis Books? The L.A. Observed blog ran a little story along with my photo. Love that they gave a little more coverage to the beloved store and the owner, Julie Swayze.

And by the way, when you stop in to Metropolis to see her and say “good-bye” before the end of the month, pick up some new and used books. They’re both 45% off right now.

(The extra coverage was totally awesome. Although they re-ran the photo without permission, ehm. Just ask to use photos, folks. I’ll probably say “yes.” We writers tend to have a thing about copyright. All photos here taken by me, belong to me. Photos taken by others that you see here are always used with permission, either written or via a Creative Commons license. ‘Cause all artists, including photographers, own their work, and we here at respect that. Peace out.)


  • Janice

    15.09.2011 at 23:51

    That’s so rad! But they really should have credited you as “author, humorist and bad-ass chick” Ashley Ream. Accuracy in journalism is important.

  • Ashley Ream

    17.09.2011 at 02:41

    I like to think of myself as bad-ass, but only after I’ve had coffee.