A Week in Blessings

The OrchardBecause in the insanity of writing books, working at a nonprofit, volunteering, going to school, doing the laundry, making the coffee and otherwise living the life we all do, it’s easy to forget the everyday miracles that make the work worth it. Once a week, I take a moment to record a few little joys. I hope you will, too.

1. Seeing an actual mouse run out of an actual mouse hole like in a cartoon.

2. Brunch with girlfriends

3. A martini on the patio with my best pal

4. Finding that L.A. has an archive of the personal and organizational papers from social activists going back to the 1930s

5. Friday off

6. Homemade chocolate chip cookies to have and to share

7. Discovering good music, including The Orchard by Lizz Wright.

8. Having my alma mater invite me to return to the nest as a guest lecturer.

So that was my week. Is there one small joy you’d like to share in the comments section?