A Week in Blessings

Ream family
Ream family men from left to right: dearly departed Uncle Barry, grandfather Al and father Robin

It’s time again for a pause, a breath and an accounting of the small joys of the past week that are often overlooked when the dishwasher floods the kitchen or the dog tries to eat a tube of lipstick. I hope you’ll join me and drop a few of your little joys in the comments section.

1. A brutal run up, up, up a steep trail that unexpectedly dropped me in front of the Hollywood sign, which seemed close enough to touch, on one side and a sweeping view of Los Angeles on the other

2. An English pub with Strongbow on tap and a best girlfriend

3. A bit of buzz building around Losing Clementine

4. A very good team behind the book

5. The opportunity to write my uncle’s obituary, which, as sad as it is, is my last opportunity to use my gifts to help and I was happy to

Your turn. What have been your small blessings this week?