I’m coming for you 2013

I like resolutions. I do. There. I said it. Although, you can call them plans if that makes you more comfortable. Here’s what I’m planning in 2013.

Write Fun

Photo by Eunice. Used via Creative Commons License.

I’m writing a new book right now, and OMG, I plan/resolve to make it the most fun book I’ve ever written. There’s so much potential in these characters, you guys. I love them. I hope you love them. (And I wish I could tell you more.)

Stop and Drink Champagne

Beach chairs
Photo by Ashley Ream

In real life, I’m one of those spinning plate people. I’m usually doing 14 things at once, and I totally can! Because I made a spreadsheet! And I’ve scheduled my day down to 5-minute increments! It’s just who I am. But sometimes, I should stop and drink champagne. My day job is going to start offering mindfulness/meditation classes. (It’s that sort of office.) I was the first to sign up.


Run, Just for Fun

Photo by Timothy Takemoto. Used under Creative Commons License.

No more races for awhile. No more stop watches. I’d rather run than sleep, and I’m going to do it just for fun for awhile.


Your Turn

So that’s me. What about you? What are your plans for 2013?