Day in the Life

So very close to finishing the first (of several) drafts for the new book in progress, my days look like this.

Running Shoes
Pre-dawn run does a writer good.


Library room one
It’s mine! It’s mine! Very little makes me happier than finding a quiet corner in a beautiful library right next to the power outlet. Then I spread out all of my stuff like a dog marking its territory.


Southern California is beautiful in the spring, but I’m on the other side of the glass, the deadline-having side. Back to work.


I plan out my work with color-coded spreadsheets. I tell people this, and they think I’m kidding. I never kid about spreadsheets.


Bad food
Man cannot live on words alone. Break for lunch, which is food out of a plastic clam shell. Pretty? No. Foodie food? Please. There was lettuce. Let’s call it a win because…


Library room two
…it’s back to work. Another beautiful library room, although with considerably more company.


Repeat as needed until book is complete, which it isn’t. Not yet. Excuse me while I reapply my nose to the grindstone. In the meantime, feel free to hang out with me on Facebook and Twitter. I pop up there on a regular basis – even during deadline.