Losing Clementine

Losing Clementine

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“Ashley Ream’s heroine slipped directly from the page into my heart! A fresh and funny, achingly touching debut.”

— Tish Cohen, author of The Truth About Delilah Blue

World renowned artist and sharp-tongued wit Clementine Pritchard has decided that she’s done. After flushing away a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions, she gives herself thirty days to tie up loose ends—finish one last painting, make nice with her ex-husband and find a home for her cat. Clementine plans to spend the month she has left in a swirl of artworld parties, manic work sessions, and outrageous acts—but what she doesn’t expect is to uncover secrets surrounding the tragedy that befell her mother and sister. In an ending no one sees coming, will we lose Clementine or will we find her?

A bold debut from an exciting new voice, Losing Clementine is a wonderfully entertaining and poignant novel about unanticipated self-discovery that features one of the

A bold debut from an exciting new voice, Losing Clementine is a wonderfully entertaining and poignant novel about unanticipated self discovery that features one of the most irresistible, if deeply flawed, characters to grace contemporary fiction in years.

“[LOSING CLEMENTINE] is poignant and insightful and also surprisingly funny, thanks to its nasty, charming narrator.”
 Gillian Flynn, New York Times-bestselling author of Gone Girl

“This is a novel that allows us to experience how exciting life is, and how fast time can fly, once you truly free yourself to live it.” – Bust Magazine

“It’s hard not to fall in love with Clementine Pritchard—she’s talented, witty, inventive and suicidal. You won’t want this story to end as you root for the wonderfully lawless and impulsive Clementine.” – Jessica Anya Blau, author of The Summer of Naked Swim Parties

“With her razor wit and over-it-all candor, Clementine makes for a fascinating companion, and Ream manages to craft an engaging and impressive debut without soft-pedaling how very sick Clementine is. You’ll sure miss her when she’s gone…Hip and hilarious portrait of a crazy person.” – Kirkus

“Ream’s debut is rich with detail, fully illustrating Clementine’s world from her artwork to her love affair with food…the story is told with an un­expectedly fresh and humorous voice. Fans of dark comedy should add Ream to their list of authors to watch.” – Library Journal

“Ashley Ream gives us an exceptional novel with a clear, strong voice, teasing out all of the absurdities of life and all that makes it so wonderful and terrible.” – Tulsa Book Review

Read the first chapter

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