Tag: A.H. Ream

  • How to Buy a Coffee Table on Craig’s List

    1. Idly scan Craig’s List to avoid working on new book. Have no intention of buying anything. 2. Find coffee table that you would have designed if you were that smart. Assume someone else has already bought it. 3. Send e-mail to seller anyway. See step 1. 4. Faint when seller writes back with still-available…

  • Silver

    I am envious of those women in their sixties who walk down Abbot Kinney Boulevard with their precise silver bob haircuts, square shoulders and beautiful scarves. These are women who own it. Their confident gait and level gaze tells you so. I want to be one of those women, and as I stand in front…

  • At Least I Didn’t Vomit

    So that TV thing…well…that could’ve been worse. I didn’t, for example, vomit on myself, which would’ve been particularly embarrassing because the show was live. LIVE. Imagine my horror. The number of things that could go wrong in that scenario are more numerous than the French fry crumbs on the floorboard of my car. You say…

  • What I’m Reading Now

    The Milagro Beanfield War By John Nichols It’s described by the New York Times as being funny and transcendent. I could use some of that. Too many noir, angst-y, garment-rending books around here.

  • Appearing as Herself

    Authors Jeri Westerson, Eric Stone and I, your faithful SinC/LA prez, will be live on TV, Pasadena/Los Angeles local access, today @ 9 pm talking about Sisters in Crime. You can catch a live stream on “The Arroyo Channel” 32 link on www.pasadenacommunitynetwork.com

  • I Got An Itch

    I have the travel itch, and it’s right between my shoulder blades, that spot that’s just impossible to reach without a few $1,000 bills. Sigh. Stupid economy. Spain is my obsession today. Tomorrow it’ll be Morocco or Brazil. It was Turkey for a good week there. But let’s face it, right about now, you could…

  • Put on Your Big Girl Panties and Deal With It

    The following is my President’s Notes column for the Sisters in Crime newsletter. After it ran, two women came up to me and told me how much they appreciated my mother’s advice. One of them taped it to her computer. See? My ma is a life coach, and she didn’t even know it. Hitch ‘em…

  • I Am Not Dead

    You thought I was dead didn’t you? You called the morgues and the hospitals to check, right? Right? Oh, come on. If you didn’t show up here forever, I’d at least file a missing person’s report, if for no other reason than to deflect suspicion. And don’t think that hasn’t occurred to me. We mystery…

  • Things That Are Awesome

    Liar pants t-shirt from Threadless $15 Try not to laugh at this. I dare you.

  • What I’m Reading Now

    Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual By Michael Pollan I’m trying not to eat too many things that aren’t actually, you know, food. Like for example that neon pink doughnut that tastes delicious but probably isn’t going to contribute to a thick, shiny coat and wet nose.