100 Year Miracle Reader Guide

The 100 Year Miracle Reader Guide

Is there a particular natural phenomenon you have always wanted to see (or have seen)? How does it compare to the 100 Year Miracle?

Rachel has great difficulty connecting with other people. She believes this is a result of the childhood attack. Do you think this is true? Partially true? How did you feel about Rachel? If she were able to connect better with others, do you think things would have turned out differently?

Not every divorced couple could enter into a care-giving relationship. What was it about Tilda and Harry’s relationship – or Tilda and Harry as people – that allowed them to live together again? Would you be able to care for someone with whom your relationship had ruptured long ago?

Rachel offers the tincture to Harry, and Harry takes it. How much responsibility do each of them bear for what results? If you were in pain and given the chance to drink the water or try the tincture, would you be tempted?

Is John right to want to keep the pharmaceutical world from discovering the Artemia lucis? What of the patients who could benefit? Do you think a power like that should ever be harnessed?

What meaning do you take from the stories of the Oloo’et people about the Miracle? Do you believe that Becca returned in some way, or do you chalk her appearance up to purely scientific reasons?

What do you think really happened at the symphony?

Rachel sees her relationship with Hooper much differently than Hooper sees his relationship with her. Why do you think that disconnect developed? Do you think Hooper was fully aware of it? And if so, did he have a responsibility to discuss it with her? Would it have mattered?

We know what Rachel and Harry were striving for, but what do you think it was that Tilda really needed? Did she find it? What do you think Tilda will do now? What should she do now?

Was Rachel’s death inevitable?