To Be Read: A Follow Up

darksecretAfter my posting yesterday, I received a note from my favorite uncle, so named because he’s the only one with the same twisted sense of humor and, therefore, the only reason to think I might actually be biologically related to these lovely people who feed me Christmas dinner.

Apparently some other stuff is floating around the gene pool, too. His photo and note in their entirety…

In reference to your impending demise – I am forced to reveal
a horrid and apparently genetically passed trait within our family.
We have lovingly shielded you all these years, but we can not
bring ourselves to keep you in the dark any longer.  You will find
attached a photo – this is of only one of the areas in the house
where “to be read” books are stored.  I currently have more than
300, and I’m sure your Aunt Cathy has at least as many.  I can
usually squeeze in about 9 a month.  So – I think I have a backlog
of about 3 years worth.  Now you know….






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