The One About Boobs

I’m doing it for the boobies, and you know I must really care because I’m going to wear polyester and stranger shoes, which is probably going to lead to some sort of fungal infection. Also there’s a chance I’ll have to wear a shirt with my name on it. There are women who can rock that. I am not one of them.

So take some pity and check it out: Bowling for Boobies.

Bowling for Boobies raises money for women who’ve been financially devastated by a breast cancer diagnosis. My pal Christa Faust started our Sisters in Crime team in honor of her friend Edith Speed, who was the first recipient. May she rest in peace.

So you know I’m going to make this fun for you. I’m going to put on the shoes and wear the shirt, and the whole thing is going to end in some horrible, twisted I Love Lucy episode. I’ll tell you all about it. I’ll post pictures, even the one of me sweaty, smeared in soot and food with the bowling alley burning behind me.

And in exchange, it would be great if you checked out the website. And if you feel moved, if you want to help some women find a way out from the bills that kept coming as they fought for their lives, you can donate right here.

God bless.

(Or Goddess bless. Or universe. Or fates. Buddha. Yahweh. Maybe you don’t want to be blessed at all. I’m cool with that. Just check it out.)