Let’s play “name that actor!”

Hive mind, I call upon you!

I just had the oh-so-common L.A. experience of going through an entire spin class (you could insert lunch, movie, colonic) sneaking glimpses over my shoulder and going, “I know that guy. I know I know that guy. What movie was he in? Or was it a T.V. show? DAMNIT. WHAT IS HIS NAME?!”

This is usually followed by doing something embarrassing. But I was in a spin class where 20 strangers were all pretending to climb hills that did not exist, so you know, everything is relative.

I still have no freaking idea who that guys was, so I turn to you, brain of the internet, to fill in the gaps. Here is what we know:

1. He looks like a younger Tom Hanks.

2. He was not Tom Hanks.

3. He’s not THAT young. I’m pretty sure he’s been around for awhile.

4. He was, at my time of viewing, wearing a wedding ring.

5. He was tall for an actor. (It’s completely true that actors, like Chihuahuas, are bred to fit in your purse.)

6. The class took place in Silverlake.

7. I think he’s been in a few things – think character actor.

If you’ve got a guess, leave it in the comments. Together we will know the unknowable.