A Week in Blessings

Teddy nose
Teddy was too busy visiting to hold still for a photo. I grabbed this when he went to sniff the lense.

Because it’s too easy to forget the good stuff and remember the bad stuff, here’s my list of blessings this week.

A puppy named Teddy came to visit my office

Watching lightening and hearing thunder while standing on a dirt trail at the top of a mountain

Having the resources to hire a publicist for Losing Clementine (because wow, do I need some help up in here)

The next book, tentatively titled Honey in the Dell, is going well…might be the best thing I’ve written

My oldest and dearest friend, Janice, had a birthday, along with my beloved step-dad and step-mom

Taking time for yoga to heal my body and lunch with a friend to heal my soul