A Week in Small Joys

Photo by Edsel Little. Used via Creative Commons License.

As an exercise in gratitude, I compile a small, weekly list of the little joys that often wander unexpectedly into my days. I hope you’ll join me and leave your small joys from the previous week in the comments. (If you’re on the homepage, comments will appear after the jump.)

1. A Korea Town spa trip with my best girl friends

2. A Gala dinner tasting at the Beverly Hilton for a good cause

3. Manning a community town hall meeting on job creation in South L.A., a neighborhood with astounding unemployment rates

4. A little retail therapy with Mom, who lives far away and who I see too infrequently

5. Giving a 20-minute speech at UCLA during which I did not faint or throw up and neither did anyone else

6. One or two moments during my marathon writing sessions with the manuscript-in-progress that felt a little like grace

Your turn. What were your small joys this week?