Book Tour: In Photos

Oh my goodness, ya’ll. I’m just a little over a week into a month and a half of appearances, and I’m already forgetting to do things like put in my contacts before leaving the house. (“Why is everyone in soft focus? Why can’t I see my own feet?”)

So far I’ve had two amazing launch parties – one in L.A., the city I love and where I live, and one in Kansas City, where I was born and bred. LOSING CLEMENTINE takes place in both, so swooping in and making noise in both places only made sense. I’ve also hit up Chicago and St. Louis so far with the Bay Area and a ton of dates in SoCal still to come.

If you came out to say “hello,” bless you. I’m so thrilled to have seen you all. Truly.

And now, for some photos after the jump.

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If you couldn’t make it to one of the signings, you can still get a signed copy from one of these amazing independent bookstores:

Skylight Books

Rainy Day Books

Left Bank Books