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  • Visit The Best Place Affordable Prices

    Visit The Best Place Affordable Prices

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  • Visit Exprience and Celebraties with Best Prices

    Visit Exprience and Celebraties with Best Prices

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  • Top Way to Make Your Tour Memorable

    Top Way to Make Your Tour Memorable

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  • AnyWhere We Roam

    AnyWhere We Roam

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  • Hello world!

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  • Harold Was a Nice Guy

    There was this weird six months a whole bunch of years ago when I did background acting and stand-in work on television shows, which is where I super-briefly met Harold Ramis of Ghostbusters (and a whole bunch of other stuff) fame. As it turns out, that was enough time to be incredibly sorry that he’s…

  • Blame it on the Buffalo

    The movers broke my desk in half. Literally, they broke it in half. The pieces, which they bothered to deliver to me, look like a fairy tale giant had a temper tantrum. I must assume it fell from a great height. Or the truck backed over it. Or somewhere between California and Wisconsin they had…

  • Hello, Madison

    I moved. To Wisconsin. (Yes, in January.) Although perhaps one can’t properly say they’ve moved if they’re still living out of a hotel. Eloise made this sound like much more fun than it actually is. The sense of displacement is profound, and miniature shampoos and breakfast buffets with strangers only make it more so. There…

  • Grandma’s Words

    When I was a child — maybe 7 or 8 — and spending summer days at my grandmother’s house, we would have a new word every day. I got to pick. It had to be a word I didn’t know, and over the course of the day, I would learn its meaning and spelling. One…

  • Feet on the Ground

    Standing desk means writing with my feet firmly grounded. Head is another matter.